Eroğlu Mobilya Hakkımızda

About us

Our company, which was established in 2006, continues to produce furniture legs with a closed area of ​​4000 m2 and a staff of 70 people. Our mission; To produce quality products, low cost, customer satisfaction and to respond to customer demands as soon as possible.

In addition to our existing products, it is to produce products within the framework of your designs and requests.

Our company, which we manufacture furniture legs, continues to develop itself by following the innovations brought by the sector in Turkey and in Turkey.

Eroğlu Furniture Accessories also continues its exports to many countries and continues to work meticulously to move our brand further in the sector.

You can access our PDF Catalog from the Product Range category or from the E-Catalogue tab and examine the furniture legs you need. You can ask us about the furniture accessories you cannot find by contacting us from the communication section.

Eroğlu Furniture and Accessories Industry and Trade Limited Company. It was established in 2006 to provide and develop an infrastructure environment where furniture companies in Turkey and the world can make maximum use of hardware and accessory equipment.